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Homeowners – Mobile

Modular and Mobilehomeowners Policy
A mobilehome policy is a package policy much like the homeowners policy. In fact, N.C. Grange Mutual writes most of our mobilehomeowners policies using the same coverage forms as our homeowner or farmowners policies. We offer several different types of modular and mobilehomeowners policies depending on your needs. Any of these programs will provide the valuable protection you need for both your home and its contents. Regardless of which modular of mobilehomeowners program fits your specific needs, N.C. Grange Mutual products are among the best. We take pride in our high quality, competitively priced policies which provide the coverage you and your family need. The different plans available may not offer all the coverages shown below. Please see your local agent for help in determining your insurance needs and the plans and coverages available to you.

Plans Available:

  • HOM – for the newer, masonry underpinned modular or doublewide mobilehome
  • FOM – same as the HOM, except situated on a farm
  • MH1 – for the well-maintained modular or mobilehome no older than 15 years
  • MF1 – same as the MH1, except situated on a farm
  • MH3 – for the well-maintained singlewide mobilehome no older than 15 years
  • MF3 – same as the MH3, except situated on a farm

(see the Dwelling Fire product description for a product available for the older, well-maintained tenant occupied singlewide mobilehome)

The Modular/Mobilehomeowners Policies provide protection from multiple perils for both physical damage and liability. These “package type” policies offer various types of coverage under one policy.

The Standard Coverage includes:
Coverage A – Dwelling
Coverage B – Other Structures
Coverage C – Personal Property
Coverage D – Loss of Use
Coverage E – Personal Liability
Coverage F – Medical Payments to Others

What these standard coverages protect:

  • Your home and attached garage
  • Unattached garage and outbuildings, such as a utility shed, used to service the main dwelling
  • Your personal property such as furniture, clothing and appliances
  • Additional living expenses, over your usual expenses, when your home is uninhabitable because of a covered loss
  • Liability arising from lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage as well as the cost of legal defense
  • Medical payments which may be necessary because of injuries suffered by others, either on your premises or by your actions

In addition, the policy also covers:

  • Debris removal after a loss has occurred
  • Reasonable repair costs to protect from further damage after a loss has occurred
  • Trees, shrubs and plants
  • Fire Department Service Charges
  • Credit Card, Fund Transfer Card, Forgery, and Counterfeit Money – $500 limit
  • Loss Assessment – up to $1000
  • Collapse
  • Damage to property of other

Optional Coverages include:

  • Replacement Cost for Personal Property
  • Structures Rented to Others
  • Incidental Business Liability
  • Credit Card and Depositors Forgery – increased limits
  • Earthquake
  • Scheduled Personal Property – jewelry, furs, guns, golf clubs, personal computers, etc.
  • Additional Residence Liability
  • Watercraft Liability for most boats
  • Watercraft Physical Damage for most boats
  • Personal Injury
  • Satellite Dish

… and more

You could possibly qualify for premium credits such as:
Protection Device Credits
Coverage Amount Credit
Age of Dwelling Credit
Higher Deductible Credit

What property perils are covered?
Fire and Lightning
Windstorms and Tornados
Strikes and Riots
Vehicle damage
Glass breakage
Falling trees
Weight of ice and snow
Sudden water damage
Freezing of plumbing
Electrical damage to appliances due to surges
Any peril not specifically excluded – HOM and FOM Plans only

NOTE: Some Coverages or discounts may not apply depending on the plan. Some exclusions and limitations may apply. Please see an agent near you for assistance in determining your insurance needs and the plans and coverages available to you.