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Pay by Online Check

Pay by Online Check is available for your convenience. It is an easy, quick way for you to submit your premium payment to NCGM.

To ensure error-free processing of your payment, please read the following carefully before continuing. If you have used this service before click Continue to proceed to the Online Check form.

WARNING: Do not use a Credit Card Balance Transfer Check to pay your premium online. Credit Card Balance Transfer Checks DO NOT provide accurate information and will not create an accurate check, resulting in a returned check and its associated charges as described below. Also, only use checking account numbers. If you use a savings account number then it will result in a returned check and its associated charges as described below.

Please make sure that all information entered into the online check form is as it appears on the physical check. If any of the information is keyed incorrectly or digits are left out, the following will happen:

  • The bank returns the check to NCGM and charges NCGM a $30 returned check fee
  • NCGM records the check as a returned check in our Billing system
  • Our Billing System applies a $30 returned check fee to the policy
  • The policy is put into Cancellation Pending (CP) status due to non-payment of premium and a $10 late fee is applied to the policy

To avoid these charges, please be sure your name, check number**, routing number and account number are correct before submitting your online payment. 

**Please be aware the Pay-By-Online Check form will prevent a customer from using the same check number twice within any 6-month period.

The check information you enter will create a virtual check we print on check stock in our office. This check replaces your physical check. We recommend writing “Replaced by online check” or “Replaced by virtual check” on your physical check and filing it for your records.

Click on the link or image below to proceed to the Online Check form.

Pay by Online Check