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About Us

N.C. Grange Mutual Insurance Company specializes in providing property insurance in the state of North Carolina. We are one of the largest writers of farm and rural coverage in the state and, in addition to our farm policies, we have several insurance products for homes, mobile/modular homes, churches, and small businesses.

Operating since 1934, we understand the insurance needs of North Carolina property owners.

The State of North Carolina recognized and licensed NCGM in 1934 as an Assessable Mutual insurer. We have no stock holders and our rates are based on the combined experience of our policyholders. We operate similarly to a partnership or co-op and in some ways similarly to the North Carolina Auto Facility. In our more than 75 years of service, we only assessed policy holders one time, that was following hurricane Hazel and before we carried reinsurance to stand with us to protect policy holders in large loss events. Since 1955 we have carried reinsurance to protect our policyholders and company surplus against large and catastrophic loss events.

For our reinsurance needs, we’ve partnered with General Reinsurance Corporation since 1969. GenRe is one of the largest and strongest reinsurance companies in the world. Through GenRe, we carry excess of loss coverage for single large losses and catastrophe coverage designed to protect our policyholders against large storms, etc.

N.C. Grange Mutual markets its products and services through independent agents, many of who are proud members of the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina (IIANC). We are represented by approximately 250 independent agencies across the state of North Carolina. Not all are members of IIANC, but all of the independent agencies are owned and operated by people you know and trust.

Agents can provide you with experienced, professional service from the quoting of coverage to assisting in helping policyholders evaluate needs. In the event of a loss, they will assist you in following up on coverages. With a wide variety of products from a multitude of quality companies, agents can offer solutions that best fit your insurance needs.

We are rated by Demotech, Inc. Demotech specializes in financial evaluation of insurance companies across the country. In 1988, Demotech introduced it’s Financial Stability Analysis Models which was the first such model universally applied to P&C insurers of all sizes. Their model came prior to the model now used by NCDOI and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to evaluate the strength of insurers.

We are proud to be a Mutual Insurer, and you should be also!

The concept of mutual insurance began in England in the late 17th century and spread to the United States in 1752 when Benjamin Franklin established the first mutual insurer, the Philadelphia Contributionship.

NC Grange Mutual was organized and licensed in North Carolina as a mutual insurance company in 1934.

Mutual insurers do not have stockholders; there are no dividends paid to shareholders. Any profit from operations goes back into the company to help protect each policyholder against future loss events such as hurricanes, tornadoes and other catastrophic loss events as well as those everyday losses from fire, lightning and other covered losses (refer to your agent and/or policy for perils insured against).

N C Grange Mutual is proud to be counted among the thousands of mutual insurers who provide valuable protection to more than 135 million policyholders nationally.